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What is relationship between Shengqi Group and Finework Cranes?
Finework Cranes is the whole-owned Subsidary of Shengqi Group, and Finework cranes dedicate in in the R&D, manufacturing & marketing of series of FEM standard electric hoist & kinds of cranes.
Whether you can offer customized crane?   
Yes, the working condition of every customer  is different, all of our products can be customized depend on customers' requirements. Please give us the information as clear as you can, so we can give our best design to suit for your demands.
Does your workshop have products in stock?
Yes, we have. But we only have the standard-sized products, if you need customized products, then it will take some time to manufacture it.
How many operation methods for my selections?
 We provide pendent controller with push button control type, remote control type or cabin control type. Please tell us what kind of operation way you need.
I have low headroom in my workshop, is it possible to install a crane in it?
We have special products for low headroom workshop, our engineer can give the best design according to your dimensions.
How to confirm the working class of the crane?
Please offer us the working environment, working duration, and frequency of the crane, and our engineer shall calculate it for you.
How many days it will need for you to deliver the products?
It depends on your products quantity and products data you given, but we will try our best to deliver your products as soon as possible.
When Choosing an overhead crane ?
Following parameters needs to be considered: 1. Lifting capacity of the crane. 2. Lifting height required. 3. Working class (how many hours the crane will work in one working day) 4. The Voltage, frequency 5. The beam model to match (I beam or box type beam) 6. Power supply system for the crane? 7. Hoist model (wire rope hoist or chain hoist, if chain hoist, manual type or electric type,manual motorized trolley) 8. Working environment(temperature, humidity, elevation, Indoors/Outdoors)
Delivery & Installation
When the main girder is too long, how to delivery by container?
The main girder will be divided into different pieces, each part's length is within 11.8m. When client receive the goods, just connect them with high strength bolt is okay.
What kind assistance you can offer about crane installation?
We have professional installation team, who has gone to many countries to assist the installation. If you need we send technician to your factory, please let us know in advance.
Can you help us arrange the shipment?
We have professional and independent Logistics & Document Department. They will be responsible for arranging the logistics.
What kind of package for Hoist or Cranes?
Hoists and Electricals packed in fumigation wooden box. Main beams covered by woven plastic cloth.
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